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DHS Joint Duty Program

The Department of Homeland Security Joint Duty Program is an intra- and inter-departmental program that offers civilian personnel professional and developmental opportunities. Joint duty assignments enhance operations and mission execution through unity of effort and collaboration.

The Joint Duty Program is a human capital program initiative. The Joint Duty Program’s purpose is to encourage and facilitate assignments of DHS personnel to other DHS components as well as outside agencies. The purpose of the Joint Duty Assignments are to gain multi-component, multi-faceted experience focused on cross cutting DHS and federal wide operations to enhance performance of the individual, the organizations, and the Department. These assignments help ensure DHS personnel have department-wide perspective and will cultivate cross-organizational networks. Assignments may also support organizational succession planning efforts, and professional training and development. Joint Duty assignments are for a period not to exceed one year.

The program covers DHS employees at the GS-13 through GS-15 grade levels and equivalent. This Joint Duty Program does not apply to members of the military service.

Eligibility Criteria

Joint duty program applicants must:

  • be a GS-13, 14, 15 or equivalent;
  • have supervisory approval;
  • be a permanent full time employee;
  • have an “achieved expectations” or “proficient” rating on his/her most recent performance evaluation; and
  • not possess an outstanding disciplinary action or grievance against them. 


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Last Published Date: April 17, 2019

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