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Transparency and Accountability: The Use of Personal Information within the Government

The Department of Homeland Security Privacy Office hosted a public workshop, “Transparency and Accountability:  The Use of Personal Information within the Government,” to explore the concept of public notices and freedom of information frameworks.  The meeting was held April 5, 2006.  

Summary of Agenda

  • Panel 1: Notices – A Tool for Transparency
  • Panel 2: Access to Personal Information – Balancing the Public Interest and Privacy
  • Panel 3: Access to Personal Information – A Comparison of Information Access Laws

Details of Workshop

        - Opening Remarks (PDF, 3 pages – 169 KB)
        - Panel I (PDF, 51 pages – 419 KB)
        - Panel II  (PDF, 35 pages – 339 KB)
        - Keynote  (PDF, 9 pages – 210 KB)
        - Panel III  (PDF, 39 pages – 406 KB)
       - Closing Remarks  (PDF, 4 pages – 178 KB)

Panelist Presentations

Panel Participants

Panel participants included a broad range of privacy practitioners, experts and advocates, as well as representatives of the United States and foreign governments.

Last Published Date: November 13, 2012

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