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Career Development

The department offers a variety of training opportunities to employees, including academic programs, leader development, career development, mandatory training, professional development and technical skills training. DHS employees should visit their learning and development program office for more information about any opportunities listed below.

Academic Programs

Academic Programs cultivate creative homeland security strategic analysis and decision-making skills through high quality, fully accredited graduate degree programs at Department of Defense Senior Service Schools and other academic institutions.

DHS Leader Development Program

The DHS Leader Development Program helps ensure that leaders at all levels throughout the department are exposed to a core set of developmental experiences and leadership principles. The program offers courses and training resources for non-supervisors, supervisors and executives across the Department.

Homeland Security Rotation Program

The Homeland Security Rotation Program provides developmental assignments that give additional opportunities for employees to broaden their skills, gain organizational knowledge, and enhance their personal and professional growth. 

Mentoring Programs

The department offers a number of formal and informal mentoring programs in all components and across all occupational functions. The DHS Mentoring Programs are formal programs that provide enriching experiences through reciprocal relationships and opportunities for personal and professional growth while sharing knowledge, leveraging skills and cultivating talent. The programs provide a series of developmental experiences for matched mentoring pairs. Through the mentoring relationship, mentors have the opportunity to guide and share experiences, knowledge, and skills which will contribute to the mentee’s growth. Mentoring relationships require time, commitment, and clear plans of action.

Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program

The DHS Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program prepares high-performing individuals for positions in DHS’s Senior Executive Service through an intensive 12-18 month leadership development program.

Last Published Date: February 13, 2019

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