About the DHS Joint Duty Program

About the DHS Joint Duty Program

The Joint Duty Program is a human capital initiative managed by the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer. The purpose of the Joint Duty Program is to encourage and facilitate developmental assignments of DHS personnel within the Department and other federal agencies. Joint Duty Program participants gain multi-component, multi-faceted experience to enhance performance of the employee, the organization, and the Department. These assignments help to ensure DHS personnel have a Department-wide perspective and cultivate cross-organizational networks. Assignments also support organizational-succession planning efforts as well as professional training and development. Joint duty assignments may last for up to one year.

The Joint Duty Program is available to current federal employees at the GS-13 through GS-15 and equivalent grade levels. The DHS program does not apply to members of the military service or contractors.

During a joint duty assignment, participants must:

  1. Complete the DHS Joint Duty Program Training Course 15 days prior to starting an assignment.
  2. Complete the DHS Joint Duty Program Assignment Progress Plan:
    • Establish assignment objectives within the first 30 days of the assignment;
    • Complete a self-assessment of the duties performed at the mid-point of the assignment; and
    • Complete a final review within the last 30 days of the assignment.
  3. Complete the joint duty assignment's objectives and 12 additional hours of professional development.
  4. Attend each of the DHS Joint Duty Program's quarterly webinars for the duration of the assignment.

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