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Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) Consumables BPA

As part of the DHS’s strategic sourcing initiative for detection equipment, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has established multiple Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) Consumables with six small business concerns. These BPAs provide a verity of consumables for various models of ETDs used by DHS components in airports, seaports, and other security checkpoints throughout the United States. All items offered in these BPAs have been tested and approved or pass the fit/function testing of product samples conducted by the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) and placed on the Qualified Products List maintained by TSA. These BPAs are 100% set-aside for small business concerns.

Mandatory (with exceptions)



Benefits of these BPAs include:

  • A single acquisition vehicle to meet DHS's ETD consumable needs
  • Reduction in the number of orders and contracting actions;
  • Lower overall prices due to volume discounts; and
  • Increased acquisition efficiency.

Period of Performance (POP)

Five years (9/11/2015 - 9/10/2020)

Post Award Teaming

For teaming opportunities, please contact the applicable awardee(s)

Number of Awardee(s)

6 small businesses

Contractor Information

Name: NACC, Inc.
BPA #: HSTS05-15-A-OSO901

Name: Princeton Security Technologies
BPA #: HSTS05-15-A-OSO902

Name: U.S. Testing Equipment, Inc.
BPA #: HSTS05-15-A-OSO903

Name: Microsilver Ware, Inc.
BPA #: HSTS05-15-A-OSO904

Name: Implant Sciences Corp.
BPA #: HSTS05-15-A-OSO905

Name: DSA Detection
BPA #: HSTS05-15-A-OSO906

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Last Published Date: October 17, 2016

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