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Food and Agriculture Sector

Food and Agriculture Sector

Sector Overview

The Food and Agriculture Sector is almost entirely under private ownership and is composed of an estimated 2.2 million farms, 900,000 restaurants, and more than 400,000 registered food manufacturing, processing, and storage facilities. This sector accounts for roughly one-fifth of the nation's economic activity.

The Food and Agriculture Sector has critical dependencies with many sectors, but particularly with the following:

  • Water and Wastewater Systems, for clean irrigation and processed water;
  • Transportation Systems, for movement of products and livestock;
  • Energy, to power the equipment needed for agriculture production and food processing; and
  • Financial Services, Chemical, and Dams.

Sector-Specific Plan

The Food and Agriculture Sector-Specific Plan (PDF, 184 pages – 3.16 MB) details how the National Infrastructure Protection Plan risk management framework is implemented within the context of the unique characteristics and risk landscape of the sector. Each Sector-Specific Agency develops a sector-specific plan through a coordinated effort involving its public and private sector partners. The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services are designated as the Co-Sector-Specific Agencies for the Food and Agriculture Sector.

Sector Resources

For resources available to Food and Agriculture Sector partners, check out the links on the right hand sidebar.

Last Published Date: June 12, 2014
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