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Convenience Retail Employee Education Tool Pre-Questionnaire

Which category best describes your role in a convenience store setting? (check all that apply)
What is your age?
How did you find this training?
Which of the following may hold you back from reporting human trafficking in convenience store settings? (choose all that apply)
Which of these is NOT true about human trafficking?
Which of these is NOT an indicator of human trafficking? An individual:

Human Trafficking Scenario

You are working your shift when you notice a group of women in their 20s come in to buy some snacks and drinks. They all seem to be quiet and submissive to one girl who appears to be leading the group. When they approach the counter, the group leader pays for all the items. She then tells the girls that they better hurry because Mr. Clarke will be mad if they aren’t back soon. While you’re ringing them up you notice they all have matching tattoos. 
What indicators of human trafficking are present in this scenario? (choose all that apply)
Which of the following actions should you take after observing this suspected incident of human trafficking? (choose all that apply)