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Youth Program Facilitator Education Tool Pre-Questionnaire

Which category best describes your work with youth? (check all that apply)
How did you find this training?
If you don’t feel “very comfortable” talking about this topic, what do you feel holds you back from talking about exploitation or human trafficking with the youth you work with? (choose all that apply)
Which of these are true about human trafficking? (choose all that apply)
Which of these is NOT a potential indicator of human trafficking among youth? If the youth:
Which of the following IS a protective factor that can help prevent youth from entering an exploitive or trafficking situation?
When speaking with the youth you work with about human trafficking or exploitive situations, which of the following should you AVOID.

Human Trafficking Scenario

You’re waiting for the train when you recognize a teenage girl that you know from the community center where you volunteer. You overhear the girl talking about a new boyfriend she’s been hanging out with. She is bragging about how he’s older and has gotten her a new job that’s making her a lot of money. She also mentions staying out late, partying, using drugs and alcohol, and you see her showing off wads of cash to other kids. You know that her mom has struggled with drugs and often has a hard time making ends meet so you become concerned her boyfriend may be taking advantage of her vulnerabilities.
What indicators of potential human trafficking are present in this scenario? (choose all that apply)