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FSSI Identity Protection Services (IPS) BPAs

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) adopted the General Services Administration’s (GSA) multiple award Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for Identity Protection Services (IPS). The IPS BPS provides access to a variety of identity protection services that includes:

  • Consumer credit reports, address verification reports, and credit risk assessments;
  • Recovery services involving suspected or actual breaches of sensitive personally identifiable information; and
  • Data breach response and protection services including:
    • Business information services;
    • Credit monitoring services;
    • Identity monitoring services;
    • Identity theft insurance;
    • Identity restoration services;
    • Website services; and
    • Call center services (related to these requirements).

The IPS BPAs were awarded to Contractors with two tiers of experience:

  • Tier 1 – Contractors with experience in responding to data breaches impacting populations of significant size. The benchmark for significant size was 21.5 million individuals.
  • Tier 2 – Includes Contractors with general experience in providing routine data breach responses.

Tier 1 Contractors are automatically included in Tier 2. Ordering Contracting Officers have the discretion to compete task orders under either tier.

NOTE: In compliance with OMB’s Category Management Policy 16-2: Providing Comprehensive Identity Protection Services, Identity Monitoring, and Data Breach Response (PDF, 3 pages, 1.7 MB) (issued July 1, 2016), DHS has adopted the IPS BPAs to replace its own department-wide Credit Monitoring BPA with AllClear ID, Inc. As a result, no new orders may be placed under the DHS Credit Monitoring BPA. However, all open orders will remain in effect until the task order period is closed.

All warranted DHS Contracting Officers may place task orders directly against the GSA IPS BPAs by following the ordering procedures available at the link provided under “Additional Information” below.

Mandatory (with exceptions)



Benefits of this BPA include:

  • Provides a broad and comprehensive range of identity protection services for use throughout DHS;
  • Provides a pool of highly qualified contractors, giving DHS broad access to industry expertise;
  • Provides the ability to access multiple vendors at the same time based on the volume of any potential data breach incidents;
  • Promotes and supports DHS socioeconomic goals by granting access to vendors of varying socio-economic groups;
  • Increased speed to implementation of credit monitoring services;
  • Increased economies of scale through consolidation of government-wide purchase volume and thereby obtaining greater savings at the task order level; and
  • Convenient and efficient ordering process.

Period of Performance (POP)

Five years (9/1/2015 - 8/31/2020)

Post Award Teaming

For teaming opportunities, please contact the applicable awardee(s)

Number of Awardee(s)

3 CTA teams (including 5 small business and 1 large business)

Contractor Information

Click Here (FSSI Website)

Contact Us

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Last Published Date: March 20, 2017

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