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Commitment to a Diverse Workforce

Commitment to a Diverse Workforce

Ready to make an impact?  Click here to get startedDiversity is one of the defining strengths of America and the diversity of our workforce is essential to accomplishing the various mission areas of the Department of Homeland Security. It is important to have a workforce that reflects the diversity the nation we serve and protect.  Moreover, DHS is committed to diversity and inclusion throughout the Department to ensure a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and skills to provide better solutions, drive innovation and creativity, and enhance decision making. 

Men and women from the Department interact with millions of people from across the country and around the world to secure airports, borders, and the nation’s financial infrastructure; manage the immigration process; provide protective and investigative support; lead search and rescue missions; respond to disasters; and safeguard and secure cyberspace.  Given the complexity of these mission areas, diversity is a mission imperative. Additionally, we are continuously focusing on creating a culture of inclusion that values each individual and promotes collaboration and fairness.     

DHS employees gathered around a tableOn August 18, 2011, President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13583, Establishing a Coordinated Government-Wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce, in order to promote the federal government as a model of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. In 2012, the Department of Homeland Security issued its Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, which included the following goals: 

  • Goal 1: Secure a high-performing workforce drawn from all segments of American society
  • Goal 2: Cultivate a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness to enable individuals to contribute to their full potential and feel valued and supported
  • Goal 3: Institutionalize diversity and inclusion as a key strategic priority, through continued leadership commitment, accountability, and total workforce engagement

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce enables DHS to be more responsive to the public it serves and better equipped in fulfilling the full scope of its mission areas.  Achieving diversity and inclusion at DHS is a team effort.  Together we can create a workplace that offers every individual the opportunity to attain his or her professional goals and contribute to accomplishing our missions.

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