Executive Hiring

Executive Hiring

Ready to make an impact?  Click here to get startedPlay a critical role in securing our nation in the areas of counterterrorism, border security, immigration, and preparedness, response and recovery by becoming a leader in Homeland Security’s Senior Executive Service (SES) civilian workforce.

The Senior Executive Service was established by the Civil Service Reform Act and went into effect on July 13, 1979. The SES is comprised of the men and women charged with leading the continuing transformation of our government. This dedicated corps of executives shares a commitment to public service and a set of democratic values grounded in the fundamental ideals of the Constitution. As the leaders of our federal civilian workforce, senior executives strive each day to create a more citizen-centered, results-oriented federal government.

The SES is governed by one distinct personnel system in which the same executive qualifications are required for all members. Applicants to SES positions must demonstrate that they possess Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). These ECQs define the competencies needed to build a corporate culture within Homeland Security that strives for results, serves customers, and builds successful teams and coalitions both within and outside the Department. ECQs are required for entry to the SES and are used in selection, performance management, and leadership development for Homeland Security’s executive positions.

Executive Career Opportunities

Most SES positions within the Department are filled using a "resume-only" process. Applicants submit a resume (maximum of five pages) that addresses both their ECQs as well as their technical qualifications (TQs). The TQs address the technical knowledge to perform the duties of the position, for example; industry issues, government programs, application of laws, rules, and regulations. For more information, see resume writing tips and the sample resume. The Department is also developing senior leaders through its SES Candidate Development Program.

SES vacancy announcements are posted on USAJOBS for a minimum of 14 days. Candidates must be able to obtain a security clearance. For information on benefits, other career opportunities and more about the Department's components and agencies, visit the Careers section of this website.

The Department of Homeland Security is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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