Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

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About the Loaned Executive Program

The Loaned Executive Program provides executive-level talent an opportunity to volunteer with Homeland Security to fill special, discreet needs for a limited period of time. Through the Loaned Executive Program, Homeland Security is working with the private sector on innovative solutions to our homeland security challenges. The Department is looking to the nation’s top executives and industry experts to partner with us as we strive to solve problems, improve processes, and fully realize our mission. By serving as a loaned executive, you will have an opportunity to make a meaningful difference by protecting our nation.

About the Senior Executive Service (SES)

The Senior Executive Service was established by the Civil Service Reform Act and went into effect on July 13, 1979. The SES is comprised of the men and women charged with leading the continuing transformation of our government. This dedicated corps of executives shares a commitment to public service and a set of democratic values grounded in the fundamental ideals of the Constitution. As the leaders of our federal civilian workforce, senior executives strive each day to create a more citizen-centered, result-oriented federal government.

The SES is governed by one distinct personnel system in which the same executive qualifications are required for all members. Applicants to SES positions must demonstrate that they possess Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). These ECQs define the competencies needed to build a corporate culture within Homeland Security that strives for results, serves customers, and builds successful teams and coalitions both within and outside the Department.

Executive Training Opportunities

The Department offers a 12-18 month leadership development program — Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SES CDP) — focused on developing highly-qualified individuals, strengthening competencies necessary for effective leadership in executive positions within the Department, enhancing familiarity with Homeland Security at the executive level, and broadening candidates’ understanding of the Department’s programs, mission and challenges through cross-Department exposure and developmental activities.

Rating Executive Performance

SES, SL, and ST employees’ performance must be based on the evidence of performance against written performance requirements or standards issued for the position with respect to the relevant rating period. Within that framework, rating officials must consider all relevant indications of levels of performance, to include the executive’s performance elements and the relationship between organizational success and individual employee performance.  If misconduct has affected performance, evidence of such misconduct must be considered in assessing performance against the executives’ requirements or standards. 

Executive Job Opportunities

Learn more about Executive Hiring opportunities at the department and how to apply

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