Wounded Warrior Program

Wounded Warrior Program

Ready to make an impact?  Click here to get startedThe Department of Homeland Security Wounded Warrior Program recruits and hires severely wounded veterans. While the program does not guarantee a job, the department provides veterans the opportunity to apply for available positions without going through the standard competitive process.

While the department is committed to recruiting all severely wounded veterans, to maintain consistency with other federal wounded warrior programs, recruiting is focused on those who:

  • Suffer from injuries or illness incurred in the line of duty after Sept.10, 2001; and
  • Receive or expect to receive a Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs disability rating of 30 percent or greater in categories such as: Loss of Limb, Loss of Vision / Blindness, Spinal Cord / Paralysis, Permanent Disfigurement, Loss of Hearing / Deafness, Severe Burns, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and any other condition requiring extensive hospitalization or multiple surgeries; or
  • Receive a Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs combined rating equal to or greater than 50 percent for any other combat or combat related condition.

If selected, the wounded warrior is hired using one of the following special appointing authorities granted by the Office of Personnel Management:

If you qualify as a 30 percent or more Disabled Veteran, you are able to submit an application package directly to the Human Resources Points of Contact for any open, recently close or unposted position for which you qualify.

For additional information or questions about the DHS Wounded Warrior Program, please email vets@hq.dhs.gov.

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