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Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program Resources

Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program Resources

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program (ICTAP) provides all 56 states and territories with on-site Technical Assistance (TA) services at no cost.   .   

CISA Technical Assistance Guide
CISA Technical Assistance (TA) Guide is an "evergreen" document that is regularly updated as TA and Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP) offerings are modified, added or deleted.

CISA TA/SCIP Request Form
CISA services are supported by Federal funding and are provided at no cost. Funds are limited, and CISA, in collaboration with requestors, will prioritize which requests can be accepted and which may have to be deferred.

Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (SWIC) may download the TA/SCIP Request form and complete it at their workstation and submit it electronically as instructed on the form.

CISA TA/SCIP Evaluation Form
Upon completion of a TA engagement and/or SCIP Workshop, this form is to be completed by SWICs (or designee) to provide feedback on the support that was provided. CISA uses the information collected through these evaluations to assess the effectiveness of its TA service and SCIP Workshops and for continued improvement to CISA's overall support to stakeholders.

SWICs (or designee) may download the TA/SCIP Evaluation from, complete it at your workstation, and submit it electronically as instructed on the form.

CISA ICTAP State Requested Training Calendar
The CISA ICTAP COMU Training Calendar provides up-to-date information on COMU training dates and locations.

CISA ICS All-Hazards Information Technology Service Unit Leader (ITSL)

Course Overview

In the recent past, “IT support” at an incident meant providing laptops, email, and internet access. As information and communications technology rapidly evolves, more and more incident responders are relying on cutting-edge, emerging technology like video conferencing, field telemetry, and social media. To meet the growing need for specialized IT implementation and support within the Incident Command System, we are pleased to introduce the ITSL position.

This course trains IT professionals, who support public safety emergency responders, on the practices and procedures used to manage the IT Service Unit in an ICS structure at an All-Hazards event or an incident response. The ITSL supervises all members of the IT Service Unit including the IT Network Manager (NEMG), Infrastructure Manager (ITMG), and Unified Help Desk Manager (INCM), if filled during an incident. This class is five days in length. For additional information, including target audience, how to register, and prerequisites, please see the CISA Annual Training Calendar.


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