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LPR by State, County, Country of Birth, and Major Class of Admission (Top 200 Counties)

Lawful permanent residents (LPRs), also known as “green card” holders, are non-citizens who are lawfully authorized to live permanently within the United States.

The tables below offer county-level data for the top 200 counties of residence of new LPRs by major class of admission and by country of birth. OIS assigns county of residence using zip codes USCIS receives in applications for admission as an LPR or adjustment to LPR status.

These tables provide detail to complement tables 1-12 in the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics. For example, Table 4 provides state-level totals of new LPRs by year, Table 5 provides Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA)-level totals for the top 50 CBSAs by year, and Table 6 provides LPRs by major class of admission by year. In addition to providing these more granular county-level data, broken down by country and by class of admission, the tables below further distinguish between skilled and unskilled employment-based third preference classes of admission.

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Created Date: October 22, 2020
Last Published Date: October 23, 2020
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