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Credible Fear Cases Completed and Referrals for Credible Fear Interview

An individual will be found to have a credible fear of persecution if he or she establishes that there is a “significant possibility” that he or she could establish in a full hearing before an Immigration Judge that he or she has been persecuted or has a well-founded fear of persecution or harm on account of his or her race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion if returned to his or her country.

More information on Credible Fear can be found at USCIS.

The file below contains:

Sheet 1: Total Credible Fear Cases Completed, Fiscal Years 2007-2016

Sheet 2: Top Fifteen Nationalities Referred for a Credible Fear Interview, Fiscal Years 2014-2016 (ranked by 2016 country of nationality)

Last Published Date: April 29, 2019
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