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Table 31. Nonimmigrant Admissions (I-94 Only) by Selected Category of Admission and Month of Arrival: Fiscal Year 2018

The 2018 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics is a compendium of tables that provide data on foreign nationals who are granted lawful permanent residence (i.e., immigrants who receive a “green card”), admitted as temporary nonimmigrants, granted asylum or refugee status, or are naturalized. The Yearbook also presents data on immigration enforcement actions, including apprehensions and arrests, removals, and returns.

Table 31. Nonimmigrant Admissions (I-94 Only) by Selected Category of Admission and Month of Arrival: Fiscal Year 2018
Month of ArrivalTotalTourists and Business TravelersStudents and Exchange Visitors3Temp-orary Workers and Families4Diplomats and Other Represen-tatives5All Other ClassesUnknown
Visa Waiver1Other2
October 20176,614,8832,239,2003,893,427105,349292,69139,98740,6983,531
November 20176,099,9851,717,0643,887,778117,318296,84634,04343,4713,465
December 20177,352,5441,929,1274,897,759144,769306,60030,05540,1354,099
January 20186,090,4121,504,4223,594,303502,430398,33437,42750,1583,338
February 20185,602,4401,602,4223,539,057104,101281,49528,15144,2852,929
March 20187,003,9291,962,7364,447,009178,290325,11837,76748,9554,054
April 20186,681,2992,026,8694,092,380118,071354,32442,73343,5073,415
May 20186,837,6902,023,2154,264,174155,952313,81137,34839,5693,621
June 20186,703,6341,981,2814,135,379201,328307,23339,13835,7463,529
July 20187,797,2742,409,3694,752,402187,052364,02742,87437,4694,081
August 20187,778,1542,428,7294,357,617548,299358,51941,83938,7804,371
September 20186,717,4482,182,8813,918,478206,266320,56946,23739,5253,492

1 Includes GB, GMB, GT, GMT, WB, and WT admissions.
2 Includes B1, B2, and a limited number of Border Crossing Card (BCC) admissions.
3 Includes principals, spouses, and children (F1, F2, J1, J2, M1, and M2 admissions).
4 Includes principals, spouses, and children (CW1, CW2, E1 to E3, H1B, H1B1, H1C, H2A, H2B, H2R, H3, H4, I1, L1, L2, O1 to O3, P1 to P4, Q1, R1, R2, TD, and TN admissions).
5 Includes principals, spouses, and children (A1 to A3, G1 to G5, and N1 to N7 admissions).

Notes: Admissions represent counts of events (i.e., arrivals) not unique individuals. Multiple entries of an individual on the same day are counted as one admission.
The majority of short-term admissions from Canada and Mexico are excluded.
Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Last Updated: 01/06/2020
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