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Making Progress on Aviation Security

Secretary Napolitano just posted an entry in the Leadership Journal about her recent trip to Toledo, Spain, and Geneva, Switzerland, where she met with our international partners to discuss strengthening aviation security standards following the a

Two Weeks Down. What's Next?

So it's been almost two weeks since we launched "The Blog @ Homeland Security." We've been posting some regular content, like the Morning Roundup, some highlights of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary’s travel, and of course, a lot of our statemen

Secretary Napolitano Speaks about an Emerged Threat

Last night, Secretary Napolitano spoke at the World Affairs Council Global Education Dinner on an issue that affects all of us: Cybersecurity. It touches every level of government and every part of our daily lives.

Five Responsibilities One Unified Mission

Welcome to The Blog @ Homeland Security, a new way for us to offer an inside-out view of what we’re doing every day to secure our nation. Our efforts, from border security to cybersecurity, counterterrorism programs to preparedness and response efforts for natural disasters, airport security to naturalizing thousands of new citizens each year, affect every American. Secretary Janet Napolitano works every day to strengthen these and many other initiatives, unifying the department behind a common mission and set of principles.

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