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National Hurricane Program


The DHS Science and Technology Directorate’s Office for Public Safety Research (OPSR) applies multidisciplinary research and development to strengthen the safety and effectiveness of first responders, the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) and of state and local partners.

S&T FRG NHP Pre-Impact Guidance and Best Practices from Emergency Managers

The purpose of the NHP Pre-Impact Guidance is to present experience, best practices, and lessons learned from federal, state, and local emergency managers applied to a decision-making structure that emergency managers may reference, or use to support the development of checklists for pre-impact planning that are meaningful to their jurisdiction.

S&T HURREVAC-eXtended Fact Sheet

A 2013 DHS S&T funded gap analysis concluded that an upgraded hurricane decision support platform should be developed to integrate all phases of hurricane planning and evacuation decisions.

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