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Snapshot: S&T Brings Partners Together to InSPIRE

To help communities prepare for disasters and rebuild in the aftermath, DHS S&T partnered with NAPSG to convene experts from around the country to share best practices and identify practical solutions related to information sharing, geospatial technologies, and leadership.

Snapshot: Enabling a Secure Mobile Ecosystem

Protecting mobile devices from cyber-attacks and accelerating the adoption of secure mobility for the federal government is a critical research focus of the Department of Homeland Security DHS S&T.

Civic Innovation Challenge

DHS  S&T is partnering with the National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Energy, to co-sponsor the Civic Innovation Challenge (CIC), to address mobility and resilience priorities across the country.

DHS @ CES 2020: Seeing and Securing the Future Now

CES allowed DHS to experience the technology marketplace in new and different ways, while also providing many opportunities to learn about how technology is disrupting different industries and business models.


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