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Engaging with Public Safety and Industry at APCO

APCO is a great reminder of the real-world impact technology has for the men and women who keep our communities safe, and how communications capabilities are the backbone for effective response.

S&T Automated Speech Recognition Technology — Hands-free Solutions for First Responders Fact Sheet

First responders are often in critical situations where a hands-free voice interface solution could enhance their situational awareness and help ensure their safety. As part of its mission to support the identification and integration of existing and emerging technologies, the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) has partnered with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) to develop potential Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology solutions.

Snapshot: S&T Tests Face, Iris Systems at Biometric Tech Rally

Balancing speed and security at checkpoints, like airports, is essential to ensuring safe, reliable travel. Many of these checkpoints are increasingly using biometric technology to improve speed and reliability. While recent improvements in biometrics have lowered failure to match rates, many systems fail to quickly acquire biometric information in the first place.DHS S&T's first Biometric Technology Rally  aimed to eliminate these obstacles by testing face and face/iris recognition systems.


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