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Senate Intelligence Committee (SCC)

Joint GCC SCC Statement on Senate Intelligence Committee's First Russian Interference Report

Today, following the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's first report examining Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, Assistant Director Bob Kolasky from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chairwoman Christy McCormick, National Association of Secretaries of State President and Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate, and Keith Ingram, President, National Association of State Election Directors and Director of Elections, Texas Secretary of State, David Stafford, Escambia County Supervisor of Elections, all members of the Government Coordinating Council Executive Committee, and Sector Coordinating Council Chairman Chris Wlaschin and Vice-Chairman Bryan Finney issued the following joint statement.

National Critical Functions

The National Risk Management Center (NRMC) supports CISA’s Cyber and Infrastructure Security Mission by creating an environment where government and industry can collaborate within and across sectors to develop plans and solutions for reducing cyber and other systemic risks to national and economic security. NRMC turns analysis into action by developing risk management solutions.

CISA works in close coordination with other federal agencies, the private sector and other key stakeholders in the critical infrastructure community to Identify, Analyze, Prioritize, and Manage the most strategic risks to the Nation’s critical infrastructure.

Chemical Sector Coordinating Council logo of chemical beaker in a blue hexagon

Chemical Sector Council Partners

DHS serves as a liaison between the private sector, through the Chemical Sector Coordinating Council (SCC), and the public sector, through the Chemical Government Coordinating Council (GCC).

DIB Charters

These are the Charters for the Defense Industrial Base Sector Councils.

IT Charters

These are the charters for the Information Technology Sector Councils.

Energy Sector Council Charters

These are the charters for the Energy Government Coordinating Council, Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council, and Oil and Natural Gas Subsector Coordinating Council.


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