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Unmanned Aerial System

Feature Article: Evaluating Border Security Technologies in the Plains of North Dakota

S&T and NUSTL have been working with a coalition of partners (including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Coast Guard, the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, and industry) for more than a year on Air Domain Awareness (ADA) efforts, culminating with a series of technology demonstrations that kicked off in April 2021.

S&T Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Search and Rescue (FRROST)

Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS)—systems whose gross take-off weight is less than 55 pounds—offer tremendous potential for emergency responders supporting public safety missions, allowing responders to carry out missions at a fraction of the cost of a manned aerial response, while keeping them out of personal danger. These systems also offer opportunities to perform missions impossible for manned vehicles, such as exploring the inside of buildings or tunnels.

S&T Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems Legal Authorities Fact Sheet

The Preventing Emerging Threats Act of 2018 grants the Department of Homeland Security statutory authority to counter credible threats from unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to the safety or security of a covered facility or asset. This authority is paramount to the Department’s mission to protect and secure the Homeland from evolving threats. The Department is in the process of coordinating with Components and stakeholders regarding the need for additional counter-UAS (CUAS) authorities.

A drone.

Air & Space Technology

DHS S&T is tackling unmanned aerial systems challenges by researching ways to protect against threats and ways to make them more usable for the Homeland Security Enterprise

Benefits and Risks of Unmanned Aerial Systems

When new technologies become available, our role is to understand how the Homeland Security Enterprise can use these technologies safely, as well as any possible threats related to the new tech.

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