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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), as the Executive Agent of this DHS-wide strategic sourcing contract vehicle, has established multiple Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for Language Services under GSA's Professional Service Schedule. These BPAs provide a wide range of language services under two Functional Categories (FCs). Each FC has a Small Business (SB) track and an Unrestricted (UNR) track to encourage small business participation while ensuring DHS Components' operational needs and surge requirements are met.

  • FC1: Foreign Language Translation & Interpretation Services, including translation, interpretation (on-site, telephonic, etc.), transcription translation, and website localization
  • FC3: Services for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Blind Communities, including sign language interpretation, Video Remote Interpretation (VRI), Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), Braille transliteration, reader services, and desktop publishing services & 508 compliance.

This vehicle does not cover FC2: Comprehensive Linguistics Analytical Support Services (CLASS) and Foreign and Sign Language Instruction/Training and Assessment services due to a lack of overall demand. Components that need these services should use GSA Schedule or other sources deemed appropriate.

Under these BPAs, DHS Components may place Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Labor Hour (LH) or Time and Materials (T&M) type task orders or a combination of the three types.

Mandatory (with exceptions):



These BPAs would allow DHS to:

  • Acquire language services more efficiently by reducing procurement redundancy and administrative effort;
  • Leverage purchase volume to obtain favorable pricing;
  • Promote achievement of socioeconomic goals;
  • Promote compliance with federal civil rights requirements;
  • Drive performance standardization to improve the quality of services obtained;
  • Improve customer services provided to DHS employees and the public; and
  • Improve tracking of orders and management through enhanced vendor reporting requirements.

Period of Performance (POP):

FC1: Five years (2/11/2016 - 2/10/2021) / FC3: Five years (2/4/2016 - 2/3/2021)

Post Award Teaming:

For teaming opportunities, please contact the applicable awardee(s)

Number of Awardee(s):

6 large businesses & 7 small businesses

Contractor Information

Functional Category 1

Small Business Track
Name: Compass Languages
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1971

Name: Translation Solutions Corp.
Contract #: HSFE70-16-A-1974

Name: Legal Interpreting Services
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1975

Unrestricted Track
Name: AllWorld Language Consultants
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1967

Name: Acclaim Technical Services
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1968

Name: Language Line Services
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1969

Name: Lionbridge Global Solutions II
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1970

Name: CryaCom International
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1972

Name: JTG
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1973

Name: TransPerfect Translations International
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1976

Functional Category 3

Small Business Track
Name: Deaf Access Solutions
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1991

Name: Deaf Services Unlimited
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1992

Name: TCS Interpreting
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1993

Unrestricted Track
Name: TCS Interpreting
BPA #: HSFE70-16-A-1990

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Last Published Date: October 14, 2016

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