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Maritime Screening

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The maritime mission area addresses the scanning of:

  • people
  • cargo
  • vessels
  • other conveyances

at seaports of entry and on seas, oceans, or other navigable waterways within federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement jurisdiction.

All vessels - including container ships, commercial fishing boats, tug boats, barges, commercial tour boats, cruise ships, tankers, bulk cargo ships, and privately owned/operated pleasure craft and sailboats - within the defined maritime domain may be exploited to transport illicit radioactive/nuclear material.

Small Vessel Standoff Detection

Nuclear weapons, improvised nuclear devices (IND), or radiological dispersal devices (RDD) smuggled aboard small maritime vessels were identified in the DHS Small Vessel Security Strategy as a potential threat to much of the U.S. population.

DNDO is partnering with federal, state and local agencies to develop improved Small Vessel Standoff Detection (SVSD) capabilities that will reduce the risk of small vessels smuggling illicit nuclear and radiological weapons and material into the United States.

It is envisioned that improved standoff detection systems will enhance the detection of illicit radiological and nuclear material during routine maritime operations by minimizing the inspection time and increasing the distance at which law enforcement personnel can scan a vessel.

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