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Office for Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention FY21 Grants Program Webinar

DHS’s Office for Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention held four webinars to discuss the elements of the FY21 Grants Program with interested applicants. DHS has designed the grants program to implement the objectives of Goal 3 of its Strategic Framework to Counter Terrorism and Targeted Violence. State, local, tribal, and territorial governments, nonprofits, and institutions of higher education are eligible to submit competitive proposals to assist in developing a nationwide prevention framework to combat targeted violence and terrorism. The program’s priorities for FY 21 are establishing and enhancing local prevention frameworks with an emphasis on threat assessment and management capabilities, preventing domestic terrorism, and developing innovative solutions for preventing targeted violence and terrorism, and to challenge online violence mobilization  narratives. (DHS Video by Hector Tejeda/Released)

Date: Apr 06, 2021
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