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MyTSA API Documentation

The MyTSA Web Service API supports several features, some of which include: TSA Security Checkpoint Wait Times, TSA Pre™locations, and Sunrise/Sunset times for all locations. In addition to the APIs there are some important XML files which have been pre-generated that contain schema information that is needed to fully utilize the APIs.

When using a mobile web service, all app database calls (reads & writes) are brokered via the web service. The mobile apps never have direct access to the database tier or access to the TSA Network.

[This file contains all airport and checkpoint data]

[This is the tiny checksum file as the apcp.xml file is updated several times per year.]

The TSA Pre✓™ Web Service API is called via:


  • [valid parameters: ap, st, pc, al.]

Usage examples include:


  • [returns JSON file for DCA airport/checkpoint/airlines]


  • [returns all TSA Pre✓™ airports/checkpoint/airlines]


  • [returns all airports in Virginia]


  • [returns all TSA Pre✓™ airports in Virginia]


  • [returns all TSA Pre✓™ airports in Virginia which US Airways participates]


  • [returns all TSA Pre✓™ airports in U.S. which US Airways participates]

The TSA Security Checkpoint Wait Times API is called via:


  • [valid parameters: ap, output]

Usage examples include:


  • [returns XML of last 25 wait times for DCA airport]


  • [returns JSON of last 25 wait times for RDU airport]

The TSA Sunrise & Sunset times API is called via:


  • [valid parameters: eventtype, eventdate, airportcode, lat, lon, utc, dst, output]

Usage examples include:


  • [returns XML file of sunrise/sunset for DCA airport on specified date]


  • [returns JSON file of today’s sunset time for DCA airport]
Last Updated: 12/01/2023
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