On-Site SAR Training

On-Site SAR Training

The Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative (NSI) training strategy is a multifaceted approach designed to increase the effectiveness of state, local, and tribal law enforcement professionals in identifying, reporting, evaluating, and sharing pre-incident terrorism indicators to prevent acts of terrorism. The overarching goal of the training strategy is to facilitate agency implementation of the SAR process and to enhance a nationwide SAR capability. The strategy involves three separate but coordinated training initiatives targeting law enforcement professionals with varying duties and responsibilities―agency executives, analytic/investigative personnel, and line officers.

Analytic Training

Analytic TrainingEnsuring that SARs are properly reviewed and vetted is critical to promoting the integrity of information submitted; protecting citizens’ privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties; and successfully implementing the SAR process. The SAR Analytic Role Training focuses on the evaluation of SARs to identify behaviors that may be associated with pre-incident terrorism planning and the process for sharing terrorism-related SARs nationwide. Through this curriculum, analysts and investigators are trained to recognize terrorism-related pre-incident indicators and to validate—based on a combination of knowledge, experience, and available information—whether the behavior has a potential nexus to terrorism and meets criteria for submission. The training is delivered in an eight-hour workshop format.

Executive Briefings

Executive BriefingsLaw enforcement executives play a vital role in ensuring that the SAR process is not only successfully implemented but effectively supported. The SAR Executive Briefings focus on executive leadership, policy development, privacy and civil liberties protections, agency training, and community outreach. Fusion centers, law enforcement professional associations, and additional entities conduct these types of briefings in a variety of venues.

For more information about NSI training programs, please contact nsiinformation@ncirc.gov.

Line Officer Training

Line Officer TrainingFrontline law enforcement personnel are trained to recognize behaviors and incidents that may indicate criminal activity associated with terrorism. Their routine duties position them to observe and report suspicious behaviors or activities. The SAR Line Officer Training focuses on the critical role line officers have in the effective implementation of the SAR process by identifying and documenting suspicious activity.

For more information about SAR training opportunities for line officers, please contact the fusion center in your area. To request copies of the SAR Line Officer Training in Spanish, please contact nsiinformation@ncirc.gov.

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