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TSA on the Job: Aviation Transportation Security Inspector

Horace Anderson: Aviation Transportation Security Inspector
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As a TSA Transportation Security Inspector for aviation at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Horace Anderson conducts inspections, assessments and investigations of airlines and individuals to determine how well they comply with regulations as well as identifying areas of potential vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.


A transportation security inspector for aviation conducts inspection and compliance oversight on airlines and other regulated entities related to civil aviation for both domestic and international passenger flights. As an aviation security inspector, it's basically to see that the airlines or that individuals who are tasked with certain security responsibilities are actually carrying out and complying with those responsibilities. Our job as a transportation security inspector really entails four different ways of inspection. We surveil. We watch to see if things are done properly. Interview to see if individuals know exactly the job that they are doing, and can they articulate that. We review documents to see that proper documentation is in place where documents are necessary for a security inspection and we test. We'll test to see if individuals are on their job doing and providing the security measures that they should be providing. We fly. We have family that flies. We take it very, very personally that individuals we know and that the flying public needs to be secure. My commitment to the people I work with; my commitment to the people is the same as my commitment to all the flying public. And it's encapsulated well in the TSA's mission statement. With honor and integrity we will safeguard the American people, our homeland and our values. And that's what important to me. That's my commitment.
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