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Talking about Cybersecurity

We've talked a lot about cybersecurity on the blog, particularly last October during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The threats to our cyber networks and infrastructure (read: computers) are relevant for everyone - whether you're writing an email, checking your bank account online, helping your child sign up for a Facebook account, or reading this blog. The Department is charged with protecting the .gov domain and works closely with our private sector partners to defend the .com domain from all cyber terrorism and criminal threats - and we need your help.

The Secretary just launched the DHS National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign Challenge, a call to individual citizens, stakeholders and the brightest in the business alike, asking for ideas to help promote public awareness about cybersecurity and cyber literacy. Proposals must be submitted by April 30 via, and winners will collaborate with the Department to develop and launch the National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign. The Secretary announced the challenge at RSA conference in San Francisco, a gathering designed to offer "information security professionals around the world an unparalleled opportunity for networking and knowledge-sharing."

“All Americans have an important role to play in securing our computer systems and cyber networks,” said Secretary Napolitano. “We are challenging our nation’s best and brightest to utilize their expertise and creativity to devise new ways to engage the public in the shared responsibility of safeguarding our cyber resources and information.”

Check out all the challenge details and rules at, and start working on your idea.
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