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Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans

DHS Policy is the mission-oriented, component-focused organization for the Secretary, Deputy, and the Component Heads, to:

  • Advise the Secretary and Deputy Secretary
  • Develop policy, including representing the Department in Interagency fora
  • Coordinate and unify policy positions
  • Lead and coordinate international engagement and negotiations
  • Operate programs (REAL ID and Visa Waiver Program)
  • Lead the development of operational and resource allocation guidance
  • Develop strategies
  • Develop operational plans
  • Collect, maintain, and report immigration data

Organizational chart


  • Under Secretary, Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans, James W. McCament, Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Under Secretary
  • Deputy Under Secretary, James W. McCament
  • Chief of Staff, Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans, David R. Dorey
  • Assistant Secretary, International Affairs, Valerie S. Boyd
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary, Western Hemisphere, David Cloe
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary, International Affairs, Robert Paschall
  • Assistant Secretary, Threat Prevention and Security Policy, Elizabeth Neumann
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary, Screening and Vetting Policy, Alex Zemek
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary, Counterterrorism and Threat Prevention Policy, Nate Blumethal (A)
  • Assistant Secretary, Border, Immigration, and Trade Policy, Scott Glabe
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary, Immigration Policy, Sarah Rehberg
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary, Immigration Statistics, Marc Rosenblum
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary, Foreign Investment and Trade Policy, Christa Brzozowski
  • Assistant Secretary, Cyber Policy, Sam Kaplan
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary, Cyber Policy, Thomas McDermott
  • Assistant Secretary, Strategy, Planning, Analysis & Risk, (Vacant)
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary, Strategic Planning, Patrick Kearney (A)
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary, Integration, Drew Kuepper
Last Published Date: January 21, 2020

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