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International Trade Intellectual Property Rights Seizures

The Office of Homeland Security Statistics issues this annual data table describing intellectual property rights (IPR) seizures. The file at the bottom of the page includes data on seizures by product type and conveyance.

About this Report

The Office of Homeland Security Statistics (OHSS) produced this report independently in support of its mission to maximize DHS data quality and transparency. OHSS worked with DHS Component statistical officials and subject matter experts to validate the reporting methodologies supporting this report, and Component statistical officials reviewed data tables for accuracy.


Data Source

Data represent DHS total IPR seizures made by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Data are sourced from CBP's Seized Assets and Case Tracking System (SEACATS) that tracks seized assets related to CBP and ICE HSI operations.


Data are as of 8/21/2023. Statistical information is subject to change due to corrections, systems changes, changes in data definition, additional information, or seizures pending final review. This report will be updated on an annual basis.

Data Processing

CBP and ICE HSI collaborate on many IPR seizures and investigations, collect data in SEACATS related to those seizures, and report Component-level statistics on their involvement in those seizures. Unique system of record identifiers are used to deduplicate Component data.  Combined DHS IPR seizures data are constructed by augmenting CBP IPR seizures data with ICE HSI data for seizures with unique identifiers that are not already captured in the CBP data.

Unit of Measure

The unit of measurement for this report is lines. A line represents one type of seized product differentiated by either product or brand name. For example, two different lines can be Brand Y Shirt or Brand X Shirt. Another example of two different lines is Brand A Pants and Brand A Shoes. The number of unique seizures (i.e., shipments) and the quantity per type of product (i.e., number of Brand A Pants) cannot be evaluated with this dataset.

Data Fields and Definitions

The category of counterfeit product seized.

Product Examples of Seizures
Arms Guns, gun parts, ammunition
Automotive/Aerospace Vehicles, trailers, air bags, e-bikes, key fobs
Ball Bearings Ball bearings
Cigarettes Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, nicotine pods
Computers/Accessories Hard drives, laptops, tablets, computer screens, keyboards, chips, networking equipment
Consumer Electronics

Speakers, headphones, batteries, power cords, cell phones

Consumer Products Phone cases, game controllers, video games, books, musical instruments, luggage, household appliances
Currency/Monetary Cash, checks, virtual currency/cryptocurrency
Drugs Fentanyl, cocaine, other schedule I/II drugs, steroids, precursor chemicals, other drugs not scheduled I/II
Food Energy drinks, condensed milk, whiskey, baby formula
Footwear Sandals, sneakers, slippers, boots
Handbags/Wallets Purses, clutches, duffle bags
Identification Documents Passports, resident alien cards, COVID vaccine cards, other travel documents
Labels/Tags Branded tags, decals, stickers, emblems
Optical Media Blu Ray, DVDs, software CDs
Other Bed sheets, blankets, floor mats, water filters, evidence (to support prosecution of IPR crimes), industrial machinery (used to produce counterfeits), plant products
Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care Medicines, contact lenses, eyeglasses, makeup, lotions, toothpaste
Prohibited Items Pill presses, switchblade knives, lumber and other wood products, (child) pornography, other embargo items
Real Estate Seized to recover the losses from IPR crimes. House, condominium, land, office building, apartment, townhouse
Sporting Goods Golf clubs, exercise equipment, soccer balls
Toys Plush toys, playing cards, figurines
Watches/Jewelry Watches, necklaces, bracelets
Wearing Apparel/ Accessories T-shirts, jeans, jerseys

The mode of transportation used to ship the products to the United States.

Conveyance Description
Auto Non-commercial personal vehicle
Bus Non-commercial bus
Commercial Air Commercial cargo shipping aircraft
Commercial Truck Commercial cargo shipping truck
Commercial Vessel Commercial cargo shipping vessel
Express Consignment Express consignment carrier facility
Mail Mail

No Transportation Involved 

Conveyance was not used in the commission of the crime
Other Conveyances not otherwise categorized, such as ultralight aircraft, canoes, etc.
Pedestrian Person(s)
Private Aircraft General aviation aircraft
Train Commercial and Non-commercial trains
Truck Non-commercial truck
Van Non-commercial van
Vessel Non-commercial vessel

The country or territory from which the products originate and/or are exported from.

  • “Unknown” indicates that the country or territory from which the products originate was not known at the time of seizure.

The number of unique counterfeit products that were seized; the count of lines is not equal to the quantity of products seized.

  • A line represents one type of seized product differentiated by either product or brand name. For example, two different lines can be Brand Y Shirt or Brand X Shirt. Another example of two different lines is Brand A Pants and Brand A Shoes. The line is not equal to the piece count of products in a seizure. For example, one line of Brand A Pants could have a corresponding piece count of eight pairs of pants.

The total Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the products seized in U.S. Dollars if the product had been genuine.

  • Data are rounded to the nearest dollar.
  • CBP is the appraising official for both CBP and ICE HSI seizures.
  • MSRP reflects the appraisal at the time of seizure. Zero indicates that the MSRP was unknown at the time of seizure.
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International Trade Intellectual Property Rights Seizures - 2019-2022 XLSX 139.65 KB 11/01/2023
Last Updated: 11/22/2023
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