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Ombudsman Update: Getting the Most Out of Your Call to the USCIS Contact Center

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) directs individuals who have questions about immigration services and benefits, or who wish to inquire about a specific case, to call the agency’s Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283.

What Can the USCIS Contact Center Do for Me?

The USCIS Contact Center operates on a two-tier model.

Tier 1 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs):


  • Relay basic immigration information to customers through scripts provided by USCIS
  • Answer questions about USCIS forms
  • Transfer calls to Tier 2 in certain circumstances


  • Answer specific questions about a case with the exception of information available through Case Status Online
  • Transfer calls to local offices or service centers where cases are pending
  • Provide legal advice

Tier 2 Immigration Service Officers (ISOs):


  • Review USCIS systems on your case
  • Request that notices be re-issued
  • Provide information that you may receive at an in-office appointment
  • Provide specialized assistance to dependents or active members of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Provide information on pending and adjudicated cases.


  • Review already issued Requests for Evidence (RFEs)
  • Directly issue duplicate notices, receipt notices, RFE notices
  • Transfer calls to local offices or service centers
  • Provide legal advice

How to Prepare for My Call to the USCIS Contact Center?

  • Gather as much information on your case as possible
  • Check the status of your case online
  • Determine what, if any, processing times apply to your case type
  • Check your priority date, if applicable
  • Have available all applicable receipt numbers
  • Have your Alien Registration number (“A” number), if applicable
  • Have all relevant correspondence with USCIS

What to Do During My Call?

  • Record the date and time of the call
  • Request the name and/or ID number of USCIS Contact Center staff
  • Note the service request referral number, if applicable

Service Requests

Both Tiers 1 and 2 can create a “service request” which is sent to service centers and local offices on matters such as expedite requests, change of address, appointment rescheduling, case processing delays which exceed the posted times, and other matters that may be unique to a specific case.

How Can the Ombudsman Help?

If you have tried these regular USCIS avenues and have not received the information you seek, please submit DHS Form 7001 to the Ombudsman. We will look into your case and review how we may be of assistance.

If you have a comment about the USCIS Contact Center or the above USCIS customer service process, please send the Ombudsman an email at Please note that the Ombudsman can request that USCIS review a Contact Center call to further understand your inquiry, if you called the Contact Center within the last 90 days. It is also helpful to have the date and time of the call, the phone number you used to make the call, as well as the ID number of the customer service representative or the officer’s name with whom you spoke.

For all other inquiries, please submit DHS Form 7001 to our office.

For the Ombudsman’s review of the USCIS Contact Center process, read the most recent Annual Report.

Last Published Date: December 20, 2019

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