Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Personal Protective Equipment II (PPE2) contract vehicles directly support the operational and pandemic needs of DHS Components. Operational needs for PPE include passenger screening, baggage screening, etc. Pandemic needs include Avian Influenza/Pandemic Influenza and Emerging Threats Countermeasures for DHS Workforce Protection Program, Personal Preparedness Equipment. These contracts provide DHS and its components with the tools to support and sustain the safety of DHS employees and contractors. This includes the acquisition, storage and delivery mechanisms for personal protective equipment in order to prepare and protect the entire DHS workforce. The contract vehicles also provides a cost effective approach along with a program that established effective management controls (Metadata Requirements*) to support PPE inventory management, budget development and forecasting. The wide array of countermeasure commodities is derived from the technical specifications described in each individual contract or agreement and consists of the following major categories:

  • Garments;
  • Goggles;
  • Hand Sanitizer;
  • N95 Respirators; and
  • Surgical Masks.

Mandatory (with exceptions)



There are numerous benefits to utilizing the PPE contract vehicles including:

  • A total array of PPE products;
  • Ongoing competition between qualified contractors;
  • Ease of use; and
  • Components may contract directly with the vendors using these vehicle.

Period of Performance (POP)

One base year + 4 one-year option years (varies, see Contractor Information)

Post Award Teaming

For teaming opportunities, please contact the applicable awardee(s)

Number of Awardees

13 awards (2 large businesses and 11 small businesses)

Contractor Information


Advance Safety Equipment Co.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-A-00032
POP: 9/4/2015 -9/3/2020

Noble Sales Co., Inc.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-A-00033
POP: 9/4/2015 -9/3/2020

Incredible Supply LLC
BPA: HSHQDC-15-A-00034
POP: 9/4/2015 -9/3/2020


Wigglesworth Enterprises.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-A-00018
POP: 7/10/2015 -7/9/2020

Noble Sales Co., Inc.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-A-00019
POP: 7/10/2015 -7/9/2020

Hand Sanitizer

Travis Association for the Blind
BPA: HSHQDC-15-A-00016
POP: 7/24/2015 - 7/23/2020

N95 Respirators

Cartridge Savers Inc.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-D-00026
POP: 9/1/2015 -8/31/2020

Advance Safety Equipment Co.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-D-00027
POP: 9/1/2015 -8/31/2020

Arbill Industries Inc.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-D-00028
POP: 9/1/2015 -8/31/2020

Louis M Gerson Co. Inc.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-D-00030
POP: 9/1/2015 -8/31/2020

Surgical Masks

Altitude Technologies Inc.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-A-00020
POP: 8/20/2015 -8/19/2020

Halyard Health Inc.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-A-00021
POP: 8/20/2015 -8/19/2020

Hutchins & Hutchins Inc.
BPA: HSHQDC-15-A-00022
POP: 8/20/2015 -8/19/2020

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Last Published Date: October 3, 2016

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