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Privacy Documents for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Below, find privacy documents for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Visit Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE).

DHS/ICE/PIA-001 Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)

DHS/ICE/PIA-003 Electronic Travel Document System (eTD)

DHS/ICE/PIA-005 Bond Management Information System Web Version (BMIS Web) 2.2

DHS/ICE/PIA-008 Bonds Online System (eBONDS)

DHS/ICE/PIA-010 National Child Victim Identification System (NCVIS)

DHS/ICE/PIA-011 Visa Security Program Tracking System (VSPTS-Net)

DHS/ICE/PIA-014 287(g) Program Database

DHS/ICE/PIA-015 Enforcement Integrated Database (EID)

DHS/ICE/PIA-019 Online Detainee Locator System (ODLS)

DHS/ICE/PIA-020 Alien Criminal Response Information Management System

DHS/ICE/PIA-021 Exodus Accountability Referral System

DHS/ICE/PIA-022 Hiring Information Tracking System

DHS/ICE/PIA-023 Significant Event Notification System

DHS/ICE/PIA-024 Electronic Surveillance System

DHS/ICE/PIA-025 Electronic Discovery Software System

DHS/ICE/PIA-026 Federal Financial Management System

DHS/ICE/PIA-028 Automated Threat Prioritization Web Service

DHS/ICE/PIA-030 Security Management CCTV System

DHS/ICE/PIA-032 FALCON Search & Analysis System (FALCON-SA)


DHS/ICE/PIA-035 Imaged Documents and Exemplars Library (IDEAL)

DHS/ICE/PIA-036 OPLA Case Management System

DHS/ICE/PIA-037 electronic Health Records System

DHS/ICE/PIA-038 Data Analysis & Research for Trade Transparency System (DARTTS)

DHS-ICE-PIA-039 Acquisition and Use of License Plate Reader Data from a Commercial Service

DHS/ICE/PIA-041 National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center

DHS/ICE/PIA-042 Forensic Analysis of Electronic Media

DHS/ICE/PIA-043 SharePoint Matter Tracking Systems

DHS/ICE/PIA-044 LeadTrac System

DHS/ICE/PIA-045 ICE Investigative Case Management (ICM)

DHS/ICE/PIA-046 Laboratory Information Management System

DHS/ICE/PIA-047 DHS Victim Information and Notification Exchange

DHS/ICE/PIA-048 Data Analysis System (DAS)

DHS/ICE/PIA-049 ICE Parole and Law Enforcement Programs Unit Case Management Systems

DHS/ICE/PIA-050 Rapid DNA Operational Use

DHS/ICE/PIA-051 Law Enforcement Information Sharing Service (LEIS Service)

DHS/ICE/PIA-052 Visa Security Program - Pre-Adjudicated Threat Recognition Intelligence Operations Team (PATRIOT) Tracking System

DHS/ICE/PIA-053 Training Management Support System (TMSS)

DHS/ICE/PIA-054 ICE Use of Facial Recognition Services

DHS/ICE/PIA-055 Repository for Analytics in a Virtualized Environment (RAVEn)

DHS/ICE/PIA-056 War Crimes Hunter

DHS/ICE/PIA-057 Angel Watch Program (AWP)

DHS/ICE/PIA-059 Information Technology Service Management - ServiceNow

DHS/ICE/PIA-060 ICE Pilot on Use of Body Worn Cameras

DHS/ICE/PIA-061 Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) Surveillance Technologies

DHS/ICE/PIA-062 Alternatives to Detention (ATD) Program

DHS/ICE/PIA-063 ICE Noncitizen Portal

DHS/ICE/PIA-064 Immigration and Customs Enforcement Operational Use of Publicly Available Information Including Social Media Information for Law Enforcement Investigations

Retired PIAs

Last Updated: 02/13/2024
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