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Using & Sharing Sensitive PII, Part 2

Privacy Man


Privacy Man: After sending the email, you called Katelyn Baker to provide her with the password to access the files you just sent.

Katelyn Baker: Thank you so much for emailing me Miss Smith’s information. The password works and I’m looking at her information now. While I have you on the phone, can I ask you to email me copies of the claim forms for the 20 claimants on Canal Street that we discussed? Sorry, but I forgot to ask you when I stopped by.

Privacy Man: You tried to email the 20 claim forms to Katelyn, but the files are too large to send via email. Your only other option is to mail the Sensitive PII to her. You know that mail often gets compromised while in transit, so it’s a shame that you are not able to email the forms or else you could scan them and send password-protected versions to her.

Knowledge Check

Since you can’t email the claim forms to Katelyn’s office, what is the preferred method for mailing Sensitive PII externally?

Last Published Date: March 22, 2021

Privacy at DHS

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