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DHS/TSA/PIA – 018(f) Secure Flight

The Secure Flight program screens aviation passengers and certain non-travelers before they access airport sterile areas or board aircraft. TSA updated this Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to reflect operational changes: (1) the addition of Known Traveler populations to TSA Pre✓™; (2) the use of Secure Flight to screen passengers on certain government operated flights; and (3) the use of intelligence-driven flight by flight risk assessments to identify passengers and non-traveling individuals who require either enhanced screening or are eligible for expedited screening. These changes are anticipated to result in the identification of more passengers who are eligible for expedited screening in airports with TSA Pre✓™ lanes. Unless otherwise noted, the information provided in previously published PIAs remains in effect. Individuals are encouraged to read all program PIAs to have an understanding of TSA’s privacy assessment of the Secure Flight program.

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