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DHS/USCIS/PIA-030(b) - E-Verify Self Check

The USCIS Verification Division developed a service called E-Verify Self Check, which enables any individual to check his own work authorization status prior to employment, and facilitates correction of potential errors in federal databases that provide inputs into the E-Verify process.  When an individual uses the E-Verify Self Check service, he will be notified that either 1) his information matched the information contained in federal databases and would be deemed work-authorized, or 2) his information was not matched to information contained in federal databases which would be considered a “mismatch.”  If the information is a mismatch, he will be given instructions on where and how to correct his records.  USCIS conducted this PIA because E-Verify Self Check collects and uses PII.  September 6, 2013


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