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Joint National Priorities for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience

The first call to action furthered by the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) 2013 advocated for the development of joint national priorities to inform resource allocation and decision-making on the part of critical infrastructure partners.

DHS first published the Joint National Priorities (Priorities) in 2014 to help guide the critical infrastructure community's efforts to improve security and resilience. The new Priorities have incorporated inputs to reflect critical changes in the evolving risk environment and to align to the priorities and key issues that have been set forth. These updated Priorities include:

  • Reduce risk to national critical functions.
  • Enhance incident response and recovery capabilities.
  • Improve information sharing.
  • Protect critical infrastructure against nation-state cyber threats.
  • Drive security and resilience in investment and innovation.

This is the fact sheet for the updated and reissued Joint National Priorities for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience.

Last Published Date: October 4, 2019
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