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Screener’s Auto-Diagnostic Adaptive Precision Training (ScreenADAPT) System Fact Sheet

TSA Security Officers (TSOs) are tasked with, among other things, screening every bag boarding commercial aircraft within the United States within one of 7,000 baggage screening areas at over 700 security checkpoints. Baggage screener accuracy is very important, and screeners are required to complete training both before going on the job and while employed, including one-on-one mentoring and software-based training that adapts difficulty based on behavioral response. ScreenADAPT was built as an innovative and adaptive training module that captures eye tracking to capture visual search process measures in addition to behavioral responses. Because so much of visual search and detect happens "in the head", much of what people are considering and basing their decision on are unobservable. ScreenADAPT makes the unobservable – observable by using advances in eye tracking technology. ScreenADAPT further enhances diagnosis deficiencies/inefficiencies in visual search, resulting in individualized training solutions.

ScreenADAPT, a visual search training program developed by the DHS Science and Technology Directorate in cooperation with the Transportation Security Administration, has been implemented by Portland (PDX) airport. Transportation Security Officers describe how ScreenADAPT has impacted their operations.

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Last Published Date: March 13, 2019
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