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Transportation Security

TSA employs a risk-based strategy to secure U.S. transportation systems, working closely with transportation sector stakeholders, as well as the partners in the law enforcement and intelligence community.

  • 2012 TSA Civil Enforcement Decisions and Order

    2012 TSA Civil Enforcement Decisions and Order

  • 2013 TSA Civil Enforcement Decisions and Order

    2013 TSA Civil Enforcement Decisions and Order

  • 2014 TSA Civil Enforcement Decisions and Order

    2014 TSA Civil Enforcement Decisions and Order

  • Aviation Security Policy

    Aviation Security Policy


    The Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP) is a single point of contact for individuals who have inquiries or seek resolution regarding difficulties they experienced during their travel screening at transportation hubs—like airports—or crossing U.S. borders. DHS TRIP uses an online form that you complete using your computer and an Internet connection.

  • DHS-TSA-PIA-044 Vetting of Security Personnel Receiving International TSA Training Assistance

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s Office of Global Strategies conducts security training for foreign partners (foreign governments, air carriers, and private companies responsible for transportation security) in order to mitigate threats originating overseas, and to reduce the risk of insider threats among those receiving training from TSA. TSA conducts a Security Threat Assessment (STA) for individuals who reside outside the United States who have been nominated by the foreign partner for TSA-funded, sponsored, or administered security-related training.  These foreign partners are responsible for security measures at foreign transportation facilities and employ individuals to carry-out those security measures. TSA conducted this Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) because it will collect, maintain, and disseminate information in identifiable form on the individuals nominated for training.

  • Vetting and Credentialing Screening Gateway System

    January 14, 2005. The Consolidated Screening Gateway is the system of hardware, software and communications infrastructure used by the Transportation Security Administration to conduct security threat assessments on various transportation worker and other populations related to transportation.

  • Vetting and Credentialing Screening Gateway System (CSG)

    DHS/TSA/PIA-001 - Vetting and Credentialing Screening Gateway System (CSG)

  • TSA Office of Transportation Redress

    The TSA Traveler Identity Verification Program was developed as a voluntary program to provide a forum for individuals who believe they have been unfairly or incorrectly delayed, denied boarding, or identified for additional screening at our nation's airports to request redress.

  • DHS/TSA/PIA-006(a) Crew Vetting Program (CVP)

    DHS/TSA/PIA-006 - Crew Vetting Program (CVP)