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Publications Library

The Publication Library contains guidance and policy papers, reports, strategies, program regulations, guidelines, brochures and more.

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  • CRCL Mission Statement in Alternate Languages

    DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL) mission statement in alternate languages.

  • Private Sector Resources Catalog

    The Private Sector Resources Catalog, originally released in May 2010, centralizes access to all DHS resources targeted for the private sector including small and large businesses, academia, trade associations, and other non-governmental organizations.

  • Tribal Resource Guide

    DHS’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs developed this guide to highlight some of the DHS resources available to tribal nations to keep our nations safe and secure.

  • Comprehensive Recommendation Review

    Since its creation by the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Service’s Ombudsman (Ombudsman’s Office) has issued over fifty-one recommendations to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Each recommendation identifies systemic issues impacting the delivery of immigration services and benefits, highlights stakeholder concerns about a particular issue, suggests possible solutions to resolve the problem, and always provides an independent, impartial perspective. This comprehensive review offers an update on the status of implementation by USCIS for each recommendation as of February 2012, and further enables the Ombudsman’s Office to continue working with USCIS to effectuate positive change that will make our immigration system better for everyone.

  • DHS Implementation of Executive Order 13563

    On January 18, 2011, President Obama issued Executive Order 13563 "Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review," which supplements and affirms the requirements of Executive Order 12866 "Regulatory Planning and Review."

  • FOIA Processing

    In general, the FOIA requires an agency to respond to FOIA requests within 20 business days after the office that maintains the responsive records receives the request. The business day response requirement is not necessarily the time frame for releasing responsive documents.

    The Department processes its requests by date of receipt at the proper office maintaining the required records on a first-in, first-out basis, except for exceptions outlined in the FOIA and the Department of Homeland Security FOIA implementing regulations.

  • United States-Canada Joint Border Threat and Risk Assessment

    The United States-Canada Joint Border Threat and Risk Assessment will provide U.S. and Canadian policymakers, resource planners, and other law enforcement officials with a strategic overview of significant threats along the 5,525-mile/8,891-km international boundary between the United States and Canada.

  • Small Vessel Security Strategy Implementation Plan

    The Small Vessel Security Strategy Implementation Plan is designed to manage risks associated with the potential exploitation of small vessels by terrorists in America’s maritime­ - its ports, shores and waterways.

  • Management Directive 4010.2: Section 508 Program Management Office & Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides all employees and external customers, including those with disabilities, access to and use of information and data. In accordance with Title 29 of the United States Code (U.S.C.), Section 794d, “Electronic and Information Technology” (commonly referred to as “Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act” or “Section 508”), this Directive defines the roles and responsibilities of Department officials to implement the Section 508 Program. Providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that is accessible to all people regardless of their disabilities is a DHS priority.

  • Temporary Suspension of Certain Oil Spill Response Time Requirements to Support Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response

    Temporary Suspension of Certain Oil Spill Response Time Requirements to Support Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response

Last Updated: 01/28/2022