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Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM)

Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM)

As communications and information sharing technologies advance, the public safety community faces an increasing amount of Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) challenges. Recognizing the importance of ICAM solutions in emergency response, SAFECOM and NCSWIC established a joint working group to provide the public safety community with leadership, education, and guidance on ICAM. The ICAM Working Group populates this section of the SAFECOM website with working group products and additional ICAM resources.

Trustmark Framework Position Paper
This paper encourages the public safety community to leverage and adopt the Trustmark Framework in effort to achieve a federated ICAM solution.

Trustmark Framework Tri-fold Brochure
The brochure provides background and supplemental information on the Trustmark Framework.

ICAM 101 Executive Briefing
The briefing is a two-page high-level ICAM overview for public safety officials and decision-makers.

ICAM Reference Guide
the ICAM Reference Guide is a collection of resources and information on core principles and critical components related to ICAM, the Trustmark Framework, and other federal and government sponsored ICAM initiatives. The Reference Guide will be updated periodically with pertinent information, resources, and emerging ICAM trends.

Additional Resources

2014 National ICAM Strategy Summit: After Action Report
The 2014 ICAM National Strategy Summit: After Action Report provides foundational information on ICAM, captures key takeaways from the 2014 National ICAM Summit, as well as identifies key principles and recommended actions for developing a federated national ICAM strategy for public safety.

Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM) National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Trustmark Pilot
GTRI maintains a website with general information, technical specifications, and artifacts for the Trustmark Framework.

Policies for Program National Identity Exchange Federation (NIEF) Trustmarks
NIEF offers a wide range of Trustmarks to its members and other agencies that wish to participate in the emerging Trustmark ecosystem.

Office of the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) Article
An ISE story on the NIEF Trustmark Pilot for Federated ICAM and its goals.

ISE ICAM Mission and Vision
Overview of ISE's mission success stories.

NSTIC Pilots Catalyzing the Identity Ecosystem (NISTIR 8054)
Summaries and outcomes of NSTIC pilots, including the Trustmark Framework.

List of Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM)'s “Adopted Trust Framework Providers”
The Trust Framework Solutions (TFS) program assesses the Trust Frameworks of commercial and non-profit organizations to determine if the polices, processes and technologies are comparable to the US Federal Standards for identity assurance, authentication assurance and privacy protections.

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