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SAFECOM Nationwide Survey

SAFECOM Nationwide Survey



The SAFECOM Nationwide Survey is now open! Click HERE to take the survey.

If you are unable to access the survey, paste the following link into your web browser:

About the SAFECOM Nationwide Survey (SNS)

The SNS is a nationwide data collection effort to obtain actionable and critical data that drives our nation’s emergency communication policies, programs, and funding. SAFECOM will leverage the collected data to identify gaps and inform development of the program’s strategic priorities; and will assist the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) to execute the Nationwide Communication Baseline Assessment (NCBA). The materials below provide information about the SNS.

SAFECOM Nationwide Survey Flyer
This document describes how the SNS will improve our nation's emergency communications capabilities.

SAFECOM Nationwide Survey Fact Sheet
The fact sheet provides information on the SAFECOM Nationwide Survey's target population, development, benefits, and release.

SAFECOM Nationwide Survey Question Overview
The document provides an overview of the types of questions that appear in the SAFECOM Nationwide Survey.

SAFECOM Nationwide Survey: Frequently Asked Questions
The document provides a collection of answers to frequently asked questions about the SAFECOM Nationwide Survey.

SAFECOM Nationwide Survey Help Desk
Questions on the SNS can be directed to the SNS Help Desk via email to or call toll free at (833) 723-3712. Hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM eastern time. If you need assistance outside of these normal business hours, feel free to send an email to the Help Desk and a DHS representative will respond as soon as possible.

Please continue to visit the SNS webpage for the most up to date information.

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