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School Safety

To enhance school safety, the Department of Homeland Security offers funding, training, and resources for efforts such as providing money for emergency preparedness, training school bus drivers in security and hardening school buildings’ vulnerability.

Grant Funding

Planning and Training

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance includes funding, training and exercises, equipment testing, and Citizen Corps. FEMA's Emergency Management Institute offers free online courses to train school officials to prepare for and manage emergencies:
  • National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT) courses help U.S. citizens prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from acts of domestic and international terrorism, weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and high-consequence events through teaching, training, technical assistance, and research.
  • Protecting Our School's Infrastructure is featured in the Department's National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP), which has Characteristics and Common Vulnerabilities, Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activity, and Protective Measures reports for public and private schools (K-12) and higher education institutions. These resources are available to local law enforcement and school officials to help identify site-specific vulnerabilities, anomalies, or incidents that may precede a terrorist attack or other kind of harmful incident, and certain measures that can be taken to better protect and create a safer environment.
  • The Safe School Initiative (SSI), established by the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Education, focuses on prevention and behavior of students who commit acts of targeted violence in our nation's schools.
  • School Transportation Security Awareness, designed by TSA for school bus drivers, administrators, and staff members, focuses on terrorist and criminal threats to buses.
  • Understanding and Preparing for School Bomb Incidents, available online from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, provides awareness-level training to firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, and school employees.


Last Published Date: April 6, 2016

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