Port of Entry Security

Port of Entry Security

Container ship pulling into a port of entryThe Port of Entry Security Program develops technologies to ensure the integrity of cargo shipments by sea, air and land transportation and to help enhance the end-to-end security of the global supply chain, from the manufacturer of goods to final delivery. This work will reduce the risk of terrorists manipulating cargo as it moves across various transit modes in the international supply chain.

Port of Entry Based Technology

The Port of Entry Based Technology program focuses on developing software and hardware upgrades for the legacy cargo scanning units, infusing state-of-the-art technology that will enhance their detection performance and extend their service life. The project’s efforts will enhance CBP’s effectiveness in detecting contraband at ports of entry while increasing the throughput of legitimate cargo.

Port of Entry Forensics and Investigations

The Port of Entry Forensics and Investigations program provides DHS operational components with an enhanced capability to (1) detect the transport of contraband and counterfeit merchandise in inbound and outbound cargo at ports of entry and (2) detect and prosecute illegal activity through the forensic analysis of material collected from suspicious cargo and packages. The program also invests in analysis methods that transform new and existing cargo security data into actionable information with the goal of improving targeting that will increase the probability of detecting illegal cargo and expedite the delivery of legitimate cargo.

Port of Entry – People Screening

The Port of Entry People Screening program analyzes current operations and implements technologies and process enhancements to existing airport operations, to increase CBP’s capability to expedite and strengthen the screening of travelers entering the United States. The program recommends approaches and implements improvements in processes and/or technologies for cost-effective and integrated biometric, biographic, or other capabilities to support transformation of the inspection process and facilitate increased travel and tourism. The program’s goal is to increase CBP’s ability to confirm the identity of persons entering the United States, quantify the increase in efficacy of inspections, fulfill its obligation to keep our nations’ borders safe and secure as required by the National Security Strategy, and ensure processes are efficient and keep pace with the projected growth in international trade and travel.

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