HSARPA Program Managers

HSARPA Program Managers

Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency program managers concentrate on borders and maritime security, chemical and biological defense, cybersecurity, explosives threats and infrastructure protection.

Group Name Program Focus Area Email
BMD Arun Vemury Biometric Collection Technology Refresh, Incorporate facial recognition into vetting capabilities, Modified Egress, Pre-Clearance Technology, Counting & Measuring, Global Entry Evolution

People Screening

BMD Dave Taylor Common Viewer Workstation, Improve Performance of NII Detectors and/or Sources, Through Wall / Floor Void Detection, Fixed Portal, IGLOO Cargo Analytics

POE Based Technologies

BMD John Thayer Adaptive Space-Based Analytics Project (ASAP), Arctic Communications

Arctic Communications and Technologies

BMD Ken Dunleavy Automated Scene Understanding (ASU), NexGen UGS Ground Based Technologies sandt.bordersmaritime@hq.dhs.gov
BMD Kevin Grottle Cross Border Tunnel Threat (CBTT) Detection Program, Tunnel Prediction/Investigation/Remediation Tunnel Detection and Surveillance sandt.bordersmaritime@hq.dhs.gov
BMD Leslee Shumway Fiber Optic Distributed Sensing (FODS), Slash CameraPole, Tunnel Activity Monitoring Ground Based Technologies sandt.bordersmaritime@hq.dhs.gov
BMD Marilyn Rudzinsky Space-based Technology Exploitation, Port and Waterway Resiliency Port and Coastal Surveillance sandt.bordersmaritime@hq.dhs.gov
BMD Mark Kaczmarek

U.S. Coast Guard Science and Technology Innovation Center (USCG-STIC)

Port and Coastal Surveillance sandt.bordersmaritime@hq.dhs.gov
BMD Shawn McDonald Apex Border Situational Awareness, Agent Situational Awareness Handheld, Land Automated Scene Understanding (LASU), BACIS, Integrated Maritime Domain Enterprise (IMDE)/Coastal Surveillance System (CSS), Dark Vessel Detection

Apex Border Situational Awareness

BMD Steve Waddell

Enabling LE Investigations, Intellectual Property Protection, ICE Bandwidth Reduction, Officer Tools and Safety

POE Forensics and Investigations

BMD Tim Bennett Modernization of Mission Management Systems & Data Link, sUAS Sensors, ISR Sensors, sUAS Enabling Technologies, Low & Slow Air Domain Awareness Air Based Technologies sandt.bordersmaritime@hq.dhs.gov
CBD Dave Shepherd Bio-Defense Knowledge Center (BKC), BioFutures (BioInformaties for BioDefense), Chemical Forensic, Bio-Forensics R&D Threat Awareness SandTChemBio@hq.dhs.gov
CBD David Hodge Bioassays, Characterization of Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria, Diagnostics Detection Assay Development and Performance Determination, Autonomous Presumptive Screening of Biothreat Aerosols Detection and Diagnostics SandTChemBio@hq.dhs.gov
CBD Don Bansleben Compact PPE, Decision Support  for Operational Decision Making Including PPE Use (CB IPT), Underground Transport BioDetection Test Bed, U.S. Coast Guard  Powered Air Purifying Respiratort (USCG PAPR), Wide-area/Vessel Decontamination, Urban Model Integration Project (CB IPT), Biosurveillance Information and Knowledge Integration (formally Alternative CBR Sensors), Urban Threat Phenomenology, Biological City Planning Resource Response and Recovery SandTChemBio@hq.dhs.gov
CBD Kevin Anderson

SpinDx, Viable Aerosol Collection Utility Unit Man-portable (VACUUM), Screening at Speed: Intrumentless Detection

Detection and Diagnostics SandTChemBio@hq.dhs.gov
CBD Lloyd Hough Bio-Threat Characterization (BTC) Threat Awareness SandTChemBio@hq.dhs.gov
CBD Matthew Davenport Biodetection Technology Enhancements, National Environmental Biothreat Detection Architecture, Advanced Analytical Tools, Triggered Mass Spec for Environmental Surveillance Biodetection and Surveillance SandTChemBio@hq.dhs.gov
CBD Paul Strang Chemical Security Analysis Center (CSAC) Chemical Threat Awareness  
CBD Rosanna Robertson Analytics for Investigation of Disease Outbreaks (AIDO), Studies to Support Orthogonal Technology for the Biosurveillance Apex, Enhanced Passive Surveillance (EPS), Suite for Automated Global Electronic Biosurveillance (SAGES), Automated Aggregation and Integration of Data (AAID) for NBIC Biofeeds, Utility Assessment of Non-traditional Sensor Technologies to Support the Real-time BioThreat Apex, Agriculture Screening and Surveillance, Biosurveillance Prize, Foreign Animal Disease Vaccine, Diagnostics and Countermeasures, Orthogonal Biothreat Detection Systems, Rapid Diagnostics Biosurveillance SandTChemBio@hq.dhs.gov
CBD Sheila van Cuyk Biological Terrorism Risk Assessment, Integrated CBRN Terrorism Risk Assessment, Field Based Biological Assessment Biosurveillance SandTChemBio@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Anil John Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Identity Management Identity Management SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Ann Cox Cybersecurity, Network Systems Security Application of Network Measurement Science, Distributed Denial of Service Defense SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Chase Garwood Cybersecurity, Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Cyber.gov Cyber Physical Systems Security, Internet of Things (IoT) Security, Cyber.gov SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Doug Maughan Cybersecurity, Research Infrastructure DETER Testbed, Cyber.gov, Aviation Cyber Security SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Ed Rhyne Cybersecurity,
Cybersecurity Outreach, Network Systems Security
Competitions, Federated Security SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Eric Harder Cybersecurity, Apex Apex- Next Gen Cyber Infrastructure (NGCI) SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Erin Kenneally Cybersecurity, Research Infrastructure, Human Aspects of Cybersecurity, Dat Privacy Information Marketplace of Policy and Analysis of Cyber-Risk and Trust (IMPACT), Cyber Risk Economics, Dat Privacy SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Erin Walsh Cybersecurity, Cyber for Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity for Energy Systems, Critical Infrastructure Design & Adaptive Resilient Systems SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Greg Wigton Cybersecurity, Cyber for Critical Infrastructure, Apex- Next Gen Cyber Infrastructure Cybersecurity for Oil & Gas Systems, Apex - Next Gen Cyber Infrastructure (NGCI) SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Megan Mahle Cybersecurity, Cyber Security for Law Enforcement, Human Aspects of Cyber Security Cyber Security Forensics, Anonymous Networks and Currencies, Insider Threat SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Melissa Ho Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) DHS-Silicon-Valley@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Nadia Carlsten Cybersecurity, Transition to Practice, Software Assurance Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP), Software Quality Assurance (SQA), Static Tools Analysis Modernization Project (STAMP), Application Security Threat Attack Modeling (ASTAM), Transition to Practice SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
CSD Vincent Sritapan Cybersecurity, Mobile Security,  Homeland Security Open Source Technology Mobile Device Security, Mobile Application Security SandT-Cyber-Liaison@hq.dhs.gov
EXD Don Roberts Explosives Detection Canines, Surface Transportation Explosive Threat Detection Canine, Non-Hazardous Canine Training Aid Development, Independent Test and Evaluation of Detection Canine Teams, Basic Canine Olfaction and Cognition, LBIED Detection, PBIED Detection, Intelligent Video Algorithm, Forensic Video Tool Development sandt.explosives@hq.dhs.gov
EXD Elizabeth Obregon Homemade Explosives Characterization Explosive and Equipment Characterization;  Explosives Detection System Technical Support; Physical, Chemical and Detection Characterization of Homemade Explosives; Explosives Terrorism Risk Assessment (ExTRA);  X-Ray Operator Training; Anomaly Detection Prescreening Application Feasibility Prototype; Incident Management Preparedness and Coordination Toolkit; State, Local, and Tribal version of the Vulnerability Assessment and Protection Option (VAPO);  Red Team Training and Intelligence Reporting; Professional Standards for Explosives Design  and Testing Engineers and Architects; Ammonium Nitrate Booster and Security Package; Explosive Testing Coordination for Rapid Response; HME Characterization and New Threats Detection; Simulant Qualification Methodology/Simulant and Surrogate Validation Program; Toxic Industrial Materials and Toxic Industrial Chemicals Dissemination Investigation; Chemical Modeling and Characterization for Detection of Emerging Threat Materials; STREET C-4 Equivalency; Detection Standards Analysis and Rating Methodology; Concealment Vulnerability Study sandt.explosives@hq.dhs.gov
EXD John Fortune Apex Screening at Speed Passenger Screening, Passenger Analysis, Carry-On Screening, Future Capabilities, Systems Architecture sandt.explosives@hq.dhs.gov
EXD Kumar Babu Air Cargo Screening Air Cargo Screening, Integration of Single & Dual view X-Ray machines with a Neutron scanner, Opacity & Complexity Assessment Software Tool, Vapor Test Bed sandt.explosives@hq.dhs.gov
EXD Laura Parker Laura Parker Optical Trace Detection Supporting Science, Next Generation Desktop Explosives Trace Detectors, Portable Explosives Trace Detectors, Explosive Trace Detection Tools and Methodologies for improved contact and non-contact sampling sandt.explosives@hq.dhs.gov
EXD Nelson Carey Aircraft Vulnerability Commercial Aircraft Vulnerability and Mitigation sandt.explosives@hq.dhs.gov
EXD Sharene Young Checked Baggage Advanced X-Ray Systems Development, Advanced Algorithms and System Integration, Supporting Component Technical Development sandt.explosives@hq.dhs.gov
PEO UAS Herbie Hancock Community Perceptions of UAS Use by First Responders, First Responder Robotics Operational Systems Tests, Disaster Response/Public Safety UAS Exercises Enabling Unmanned Aerial Systems UASProgramExecutiveOffice@hq.dhs.gov
PEO UAS Jeff Randorf UAS Traffic Management (UTM) Technology Demonstration, UAS Future Threat Assessment Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) UASProgramExecutiveOffice@hq.dhs.gov
PEO UAS Shane Cullen Technical Assessment for C-UAS Technologies in Cities (TACTIC), Simulation Exercise (SIMEX) for the NCR Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) UASProgramExecutiveOffice@hq.dhs.gov
PEO UAS Syed Mohammad Counter Small-UAS Advisory and Review Toolkit (C-SMART), Urban Counter Unmanned Aerial System Operational Prototype (UCOP) Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) UASProgramExecutiveOffice@hq.dhs.gov
Engines Bob Schutz Technology Engines

Technology Engines

Engines Arun Vemury Technology Engines Biometrics Technology Engine technologyengines@hq.dhs.gov
Engines Kathleen Deloughery Technology Engines Behavioral Economic and Social Sciences Engine technologyengines@hq.dhs.gov
Engines Cuong Lee Technology Engines Communication and Networking Engine technologyengines@hq.dhs.gov
Engines Steve Dennis Technology Engines Data Analytics Engines technologyengines@hq.dhs.gov
Engines Anil John Technology Engines Identity and Access Management Engine technologyengines@hq.dhs.gov
Engines Syed Mohammad Technology Engines Modeling and Simulation Engine technologyengines@hq.dhs.gov
Engines Jeff Booth Technology Engines Situational Awareness and Decision Support Engines technologyengines@hq.dhs.gov

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