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Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute

Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute

The Homeland Security Act of 2002 authorized the Secretary of Homeland Security, acting through the Under Secretary for Science and Technology, to establish one or more Federally Funded Research and Development Centers to provide independent analysis of homeland security issues, or to carry out other responsibilities under the Act. In March 2009, DHS established the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute (HSSAI) to replace the Homeland Security Institute, which served in the same capacity after it was established in April 2004.

Unique Purpose and Operation

HSSAI provides specialized independent and objective technical expertise to DHS components, program managers and operating elements in addressing national homeland security issues and developing and delivering unique DHS capabilities.

HSSAI typically addresses complex homeland security issues and assists DHS in evolving towards an integrated system-of-systems approach through various enterprise modernization efforts and process efficiencies. Through its long-term relationship with DHS, HSSAI promotes the development and use of frameworks and strategies to enhance the general understanding of the trade-offs therein. HSSAI reduces the nation's risk to terrorism and catastrophic incidents through, among other things, improved interoperability and information sharing across the Homeland Security Enterprise.

HSSAI analytical task objectives are achieved through: crosscutting mission analysis, strategic studies, assessments, modeling of operational concepts and policy trade-offs within and across mission areas, system simulations and technical assessments to evaluate mission trade-offs. These objectives are also achieved through the creation and evolution of high-level concepts of operation, development of top-level system and operational requirements and performance metrics and operational analysis across the Homeland Security Enterprise.

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