Our Work

Our Work

As the research and development (R&D) arm of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) focuses on providing the tools, technologies, and knowledge products the nation’s Homeland Security Enterprise needs today and tomorrow. Securing the Homeland with Science and Technology. We're improving the ability to screen for threats by: Detecting 1.25 million additional threats each year at airports (ScreenADAPT) Evaluating 160 explosive detection canine teams' performance (REDDI). We help combat Cyberattacks through: Strengthening Security of 6 million mobile apps with automated app (Kryptowire) Transitioning 18 technologies to help secure the nation's infrastructure market (TTP). S&T in Mobilizing Innovation by: Approving 966 safety act applications (Safety Act) Awarding $285 Million to Small Businesses (SBIR) Crowdsourcing 5 challenges for new homeland security solutions (Public-Private Partnerships) S&T in Mobilizing Innovation by: Approving 966 safety act applications (Safety Act) Awarding $285 Million to Small Businesses (SBIR) Crowdsourcing 5 challenges for new homeland security solutions (Public-Private Partnerships) When natural disasters strike, our technology is: Inflating in 12 minutes and holding back floodwaters in tunnels for 21 days (Tunnel Plug) Detecting heartbeats in up to 30 ft. of rubble (FINDER) Helping responders rescue 950 people during hurricane Harvey (ATAK) Verifying identities/familial relationships within 90 minutes (Rapid DNA) S&T supports First Responders across the nation by:  Providing free virtual training on active shooters (Edge)  Making available over 18,000 protective garments (Wildland Firefighters gear)  Saving Approx. $3 million in equipment replacement costs (RIC-M)  Helping save 475 victims of child sex trafficking (Chexia).That means S&T constantly works to bridge industry and end-user communities around the nation. S&T’s R&D focus areas cover DHS’s core mission areas and use our network of industry, national laboratory and other partners seek solutions for capability gaps and define topics for future research. Established by Congress in 2003, S&T strives to enable effective, efficient, and secure operations across all homeland security missions by applying scientific, engineering, analytic, and innovative approaches to deliver timely solutions and support departmental acquisitions.

Across all DHS mission areas, S&T helps integrate innovative technology into everyday use. S&T works directly with operators in the field to understand their unique needs and challenges. From there, S&T partners with U.S. and international government, industry and academia to create and test solutions that help the nation’s homeland security officials prevent, respond to and recover from all hazards and threats. Our goal is to provide real world solutions in a realistic timeframe.


Our News Room contains a variety of news releases and snapshots (technology features) highlighting specific milestones and accomplishments. S&T also has a variety of videos highlighting many of our projects and programs. Finally, visit our Business Opportunities page to learn how to work with us.

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Responding to Today’s Threats with Technology

Who’s responding to today’s threats? S&T. See how we are rapidly developing and deploying technologies that make an operational impact for the homeland security mission.



Perspectives from R&D Partners

Our work is changing the way DHS frontline operators and first responders meet their mission. Learn how we are working together with our partners to help save lives with cutting edge solutions.


As of 01/2020

S&T’s Focus Areas

S&T supports DHS by creating the technologies and solutions needed to strengthen the Homeland Security Enterprise. Working with innovators in federal, state, local, tribal and territorial agencies; private industry; and academia, S&T helps identify, develop or adapt R&D efforts to address strategic needs. The driving force behind all of these efforts is an understanding of the role technology can play in helping the nation’s homeland security officials stay ahead of evolving threats.

We understand the ever-changing threat environment, and our relationships with the men and women who combat those threats every day make the organization an effective catalyst for improving the security and resilience of our nation.

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