"Are You Ready to SeeSay?”

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We all play a role in keeping our communities safe. Law enforcement relies on all of us to provide accurate, reliable, and timely information when we see something that is out of place.

About this Training Program

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s “If You See Something, Say Something®” campaign provides this training to help you improve your ability to recognize (see) and report (say) suspicious activity. This training program is intended for our campaign partners and their staff who want a refresher or introductory training on recognizing and reporting suspicious activity.

This training program includes a pre-training-questionnaire, five modules, and a post-training assessment. The entire program should take 60 minutes or less to complete. The modules will help you learn how to identify suspicious activity and accurately report it. The questionnaire and assessment provide you with personal scores to help you understand how ready you are to “SeeSay” before and after the training. See if you are able to improve your score!

A note on the training and data collection: Completing the “Are You Ready to SeeSay” training program is voluntary and not required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Pre-training and post-training questionnaire- responses will be compared to measure how effective the training is at increasing individuals’ ability to recognize and report suspicious activity. Questionnaire data may be presented in an aggregate, anonymized format for inclusion in reports or other external-facing documents. Your personal information will never be shared with a third party.

Take the Course

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The Goal

To increase knowledge of the indicators of suspicious activity (competence) as well as increase the likelihood to report suspicious activity (motivation).

The Benefits

  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Learn how to identify and report suspicious activity
  • Complement existing training and emergency plans to improve work safety
  • Gain insights on your readiness to “SeeSay”


If you have additional questions about this training program, email seesay@hq.dhs.gov and include your organization, your name, contact information, and city and state where you're located.


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